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Owner: Silverstein Properties, Inc

GC Eng provided engineering design and construction management for the replacement of two single-stage absorption chillers with three 650-ton double-effect absorption chillers.

Engineering services included:

  • Directing pre-purchase of new chillers

  • Obtaining maximum utility and NYSERDA rebates

  • Conducting design feasibility studies and detailed surveys

  • Designing rigging path drawings

  • Providing precision design-planning of MEP services

  • Designing rigging path to identify most of the existing obstructions

  • Preparing all required general and electrical construction contract documents

Construction management services included:

  • Soliciting bids from qualifying contractors

  • Evaluating and awarding bids

  • Providing shop drawing review services

  • Designing rigging path drawings

  • Coordinating all construction activities

Cost: $2,000,000

Project: Chiller Plant Replacement

Project: CHP & Chiller Plant Comparison Study

Cost: $2,500,000

GC Eng conducted an Energy Study in order to evaluate the economic benefits of different types of chiller for this project, reviewing energy usage/savings and the initial capital investments. We have incorporated various part loads performance of the chillers along with corresponding fluctuating weather data throughout the cooling reason.


Types of chillers studied:

  • WMC150 Magnetic-Levitated Bearings Compressor Chiller

  • MS070XC3A2W2AA Electronically Controlled Scroll Compressor Chiller

  • RTWD 150P Screw Compressor Chiller

Equipment performance reviews:

  • Chiller Performance vs. Load Comparison

  • Monthly Chiller Energy (kwh) Consumption

  • Monthly Electric Utility Cost of Chiller Operation

  • Average Daily High Temperatures of NYC from April to October

  • Refrigeration Demand from April to October in Ton Hours


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